Mission Statement

AMRUM BEWEGT is a platform where people meet and exchange which opens up space for new impulses


is the key to the world. We use it to feel ourselves and communicate with others. Movement is the base of all learning formates, workshops and courses offered by Gabrielle Staiger.

Nourishment for your soul

It‘s a platform where people meet and exchange, which gives space to for new impulses and ideas to grow in a manner just like nature touches us on an elementary level.
Gabrielle Staiger‘s teaching and creative work uses  Rudolf Laban‘s Movement Analysis as a base.

Amrum attracts me again and again. It grounds me and shows me the essential things in life. Amrum is a very inspiring place. Its vastness and the ever changing weather animate my spirit to run free and let go of daily stress. Try it out. I am curious to hear your personal experiences when encountering the island and its natural forces.

Gabrielle Staiger


How to get there

by car:

Take the Ferry from Dabegüll Mole to Wittdün on Amrum or park your car at the parking lot near the ferry terminal and take the ferry as a pedestrian. Apart from costing less, you won‘t need a car on the island. To get around you can rent a bicycle, which is the easiest and quickest way to move around the island. Or take the bus (the bus doesn‘t run via the village Steenodde).

by train:

You can either book your trainticket directly to Wittdün or you book a supersaver (Sparpreis) to Niebüll Station and change to the railbus, which will take you to the ferry terminal Dagebül Mole. On the railbus you can purchase a ticket for the railbus as well as the ferry.


On www.amrum.de (choose „wohnen“) you can find a variety of accomodation options ranging from private rooms for a small budget up to luxerious holiday homes.
There is also a Youth Hostel in Wittdün.

According to the weather we will be working either inside the studio, at the beach, inside the dunes or in the forest. Please bring water-/windproof clothing.
The studio is located at Amrum Spa, a health centre with a pool in Wittdün, which is close to the dunes. No shoes are allowed in the studio. Please bring socks.


There are two Cafés located nearby: One of them directly inside the Amrum-Spa, the other just a few meters from there. There are Supermarkets in Wittdün, Nebel and Norddorf. Restaurants and Cafés you can find in all villages of the island as well as on some of the beaches.

Recognized Study Leave Program

Awaken the Dance Spirit is a recognized educational leave program organized by Gabrielle Staiger. The educational leave act embraces different requirements according to the individual state. Please inform yourself about the requirements in your state and talk to your employer. Due to the time requirements this educational leave programme will most likely be reckognized in your state and by your employer too!


On Amrum there is a Deep Sea Climate. That means also that the wind is mainly blowing from the open sea, the air is low in pollutants and high in salt. Because of this very healthy type of climate, Amrum is also an Air Spa for respiratory diseases. Although in May we have the highest amount of sunny days and the least amount of rain per month and year the weather can change rapidly. Clothing to protect you from rain and wind and an extra sweathshirt is recommended. Light shoes for working on the beach are recommended, for instance an old pair of trainers.
Please bring sunscreen too.


You would love to come but you don‘t have time in May? You participated already and you would like to come again? No problem: You can sign up for a newsletter here which will inform you about this project as well as others to come.
I look forward to meeting you.

Gabrielle Staiger

Working with movement and working with people is the best thing ever!


Gabrielle Staiger, choreographer for dance and theatre, teacher and trainer. After completing her studies at Laban Centre for movement and dance as well as the German Sports University Cologne she works as a dancer.
Soon she founds the physical theatre company ARAZZO Tanztheater in Cologne in need for her own creative and experimental environment. Ispired by LMA (Laban Movement Analysis) she develops co-creative systems (scores) in order to develop movement vocabulary for her works as well as an innovative approach to Teaching Studies, Improvisation and Composition. In the late 1990ies she creates her own contemporary dance technique coact, which she has been teaching very successfully for the last 18 years on an international level inspiring many dancers and teachers to follow her approach to dance technique.

Beyond the dance genre she pioneered in the drama field, creating the body practise Functional Theatre Practise for the education of actors at Spielstatt Ulm, which she also taught at Basement Theaterschool in Cologne and at Ustinov Theatre School in Frankfurt.
She now lives in Frankfurt am Main/Germany.

Choreography (selection)

2015 Choreo for Alice in Wonderland, English Theatre Frankfurt
2014 Choreo for The Black Rider, English Theatre Frankfurt
2013 Choreo for  The Crucible, English Theatre Frankfurt
2011 Choreo for The Threepenny Opera, English Theatre Frankfurt
2016 encounters, for Ustinov Theatre School
2009 Inside the lining, for Palucca Hochschule
2008 listen baby!, for Codarts Rotterdam
2006 loud skin, for Yu Boran Korea
2005 with eyes closed, for Codarts Rotterdam
2004 doorland, für Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Amsterdam
2002 Vitruvian complex, for Arazzo Tanztheater
2002 inside cover, for Arazzo Tanztheater
2001 my land is small, for Arazzo Tanztheater
2001 piece of dust, for HFMDK Köln
2000 Fuoco Lento, for Arazzo Tanztheater


Dance for the screen
1998 Bliss
1996 Scarred
1996 Blown


2002 Cologne Dancetheatreaward
2000 Cologne Dancetheatreaward
1998 German Videodanceaward
1998 Scholarship of Artfoundation Baden-Württemberg
1998 Choreography-Scholarship of Foundation of Art and culture in NRW
1995 Young Artist Award of the city of Ulm
1994 Bessie Schoenberg Choreography Scholarship USA

She has been teaching

in the Netherlands at

  • Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Amsterdam
  • Codarts Rotterdam
  • ArtEzArnheim
  • Henny Jurriens Stichting Amsterdam
  • Dansateliers Rotterdam
  • Fontys Hogeschool, Tilburg

in Belgium for

  • Ultima Vez
  • La Raffinerie

in Mexico at

  • Escuela Nacional de Danza Mexico
  • Los Talleres
  • in Korea at
  • SungKyunKwan University Seoul as aguest professor
  • AE SOON Dance Company
  • Hansong University

in Slovenia at

  • Dance Academy Ljubljana
  • Izola Danza
  • Winter Dance School Maribor

in Italy at

  • Assoziazione Europea Danza

in France for

  • Ballet de Marseille
  • Ballet Preljocaj

in Germany at

  • Marameo
  • Palucca Schule Dresden (Professur)
  • Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Köln´
  • HfMDK Frankfurt
  • John Neumeier Schule Ballett Hamburg
  • Neuer Tanz/VA WölflRAST
  • tanzlabor_21
  • tanzhaus nrw
  • Academy of Dance at the Conservatory of Music Mannheim